A day of dream in the private zoo albuqaish in dubai .
I realized a dream to play with a baby tiger. The day’s activities were divided into three sessions.
At the first session, I visited the giraffe, monkey and camel.
I was very happy because I felt so friendly with them.
For my second session, I played in the snake House and entered in a cage full of snakes, that made me feel very excited .
In the third session, my favorite experience has been to play with lion cubs!
It was interesting to be close to these animals because they are different from other animals in nature.
I was impressed by the way, which these animals behave with others , very affectionate and friendly.
The car wasn’t normal because I was in the cage like a bird.
It seemed like I m living in a dream because these situations are totally different from what real life is.
It was an unforgettable experience for me .
I had more than 6 hours of fun with this beautiful animals .
I promised myself to visit dubai zoo again later on.
Your ideas I can be published in tomorrow’s paper if you want your story to be published in the future visit dubai zoo

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