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More about albuqaish private zoo

Where do the animals come from and what do we do?

None of our animals are bought and taken from their natural environment. We take in wild animals that have been abandoned by their owners. Often owners buy small, cute, kitten-like cubs and a few months later find themselves with a lion that they are overwhelmed by its size, fear, or investment in food.

They are forced to abandon them or lock them up out of fear. We could release them into the wild but their chances of survival would be almost zero. Their survival instinct is forbidden. We often collect them in a pitiful state, often very thin. We take care of them, and then we try to give them a second chance.

The animals in our zoo are not our business. Our business is to give these animals a chance to live.

I remember taking care of a very vulnerable 4 month old abandoned lion cub. His chances of survival were minimal. We took him back, fed him night and day, then nursed him back to health and today I’ll let you see for yourself.

At the private Dubai Zoo, we believe that every animal deserves to be protected, regardless of its species or popularity.

The mission of the Albuqaish Zoo is to protect animals. With your help, we can continue to provide a safe haven for endangered wildlife in their natural habitat. We also strive to ensure that all our animals are happy and healthy, with plenty of food, clean water and shelter for all future generations.
We do not buy animals, all our animals come from donations or from people who can no longer care for them.
And thanks to your visit today, they can continue to do so. Our work at the zoo would not be possible without your support! Thank you for joining us in our mission!