123, New Lenox Chicago, IL 60606

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Current Hours

Open all days


9 AM

Visit 3 hours


3 PM

Visit 3 hours
2 sessions

9 AM or 3 PM

Visitors’ Reviews

Magnificent, very well received by the trainers, animals flourishing in splendid places


I went to the zoo with my friend today, the animals are adorable, especially kinder ❤️ The staff who welcomed us were very pleasant and explained to us the needs of the animals


A magical experience I had a great time very cool staff very well received everything is beautiful zoo animals so cute.

Donna vignon

FAQs & Rules

Can we feed the animals?

Yes, it is possible with some animals and your guide will explain everything in detail.

How long does it take to see the zoo?

The duration of the session is 3 hours.There is a morning slot at 9am and a 3pm slot.

Is parking free at the private zoo?


Am I allowed to bring food into the zoo?

not allowed but a restaurant is available


Price for private ZOO

Adults : 1000 AED

Child : 500 AED

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